Some epic updates!

So it’s been awhile since making an actual post. I may start doing actual posts again soon. Now that I actually have weekends off that means things may actually get interesting and break the monotony that caused me to stop writing so much before.

That said, I am quite thrilled because on Tuesday I got my first approval for GRS! (Genital Reassignment Surgery for those who might not know) this is crazy exciting and over this weekend my mom and I plan on going over the various options and surgeons while also figuring out a new therapist for me. This is because, one, I do need a second referral, and two, my current therapist is retiring which kinda sucks.

In addition I also need to work on taking off a lot of weight so as of today (right now in fact) I have started daily bike rides. My first one was rather rough because I haven’t done one in like years but it was good and will get better and easier the more I do it. I need to drop some 70 pounds so I’m trying to control my weight more as well. I’m hoping to make these rides daily with all the time I have before work and will also start to include a weight count with every post I make. In addition, I’m thinking of doing a picture a day. Time to get there and kick some ass!


transfriendly jobs



 i’ve been doing research about jobs/companies that are accepting of trans and the like since i’m going job hunting again next month, and i found this list, which lists trans-friendly businesses. it links to this page, a directory for employers.

tagging so people can see it, i figured this might come in handy for some people!



  1. Childhood
  2. High School
  3. College
  4. 1st week
  5. 3 months (came out to friends and family, presenting part-time)
  6. 6 months (came out to work, presenting full-time)
  7. 9 months
  8. Name Change (@9 Months with my supportive mother!)
  9. 11 Months (dat smile!)
  10. One year! 24th and 1st birthday~

Check out the whole thing here:

Remembering An Old Friend

Tonight I found out that the world lost someone…a man who was a good friend whom I have extremely fond memories with but became distant with over the years after moving to Florida. That man’s name is Daniel Thering. We’ve changed as we grew older, and honestly if he were to have seen me in the last few months I doubt he’d have recognized me at all. I still remember all the times we had growing up though. The first time I ever got to play the original Zelda, discovering the MissingNo. glitch in Pokemon for the first time, having that sleep over birthday party where we all stayed up too late…and then all the fun times we had playing cards and DDR when we reconnected again in high school before I moved away. I’m deeply saddened by the loss of this man, and good friend.

Rest in peace Dan, you will be sorely missed :(