Just some random pics from the last few days!

1 - Guymode? Lol nope. Wearing guy clothes around the house for comfyness…doesn’t make me look even remotely like a guy anymore.

2 -  IT’S OVER 9000!!! (aka derping around)

3-7 - Shopping day with friends! Makeup and hair and fun and junk.

8 - First time wearing makeup at work. I got compliments!

9 - Got a request to draw on a pizza box. Made it awesome <3

Month 7, Day 21: 4/1/2014

First video entry in a month and a half? Yuuuup. Covering a broad overview of what’s happened in the last few weeks as well as a few things that have been going on in the last few days. Worth mentioning for the purposes of showing some of the changes HRT has had on me: I haven’t shaven since last Thursday. Can’t really see any facial hair at all, though, can you? I haven’t even had laser yet!

Month 7, Day 16: 3/27/2014

FIRST DAY FULLTIME! Naturally nervous, but hopeful. I was gonna start at my new store. How’d I get ready? Uhhh….playing games. I’ve been getting addicted to Final Fantasy X again with the HD update. I love the main game but it’s got some of the most lengthy and in-depth sidequests I’ve ever played through and I love it. I remember clocking well over 100 hours on my PS2 version and I’m about halfway there as is lol! (although some of those hours I was idle and away. I’ve been playing it a lot, but not THAT much.)

But, soon enough, the time came to head out to work. My new store manager got confused by my hesitation and nervousness when I told her before, so she didn’t fix the schedule or anything and still had my male name up. As such, my manager found out I’m trans and fixed everything up and from there on I was being introduced as Kendra. One coworker who’d never seen me before caught a glimpse of me going back into the other room to cut veggies and I heard “Hey she needs to get over here and help out!” and I was like wheeeee :D In addition, I also got gendered totally female over the phone now that I’m able to use my female voice at work, so that was awesome! I’m still getting used to taking delivery calls, though, and calls as Kendra in general, so I’m not answering many calls right now.

Once I got home, I hung around, chatted with some friends about how everything went, and then headed off to bed.